You are not entitled to deduct VAT when you buy (or lease) and use your van. However, you are entitled to pay only half of the normal tax on private use of a vehicle if you meet certain conditions.

  • Your employer demands that you have your own vehicle at your disposal. This must be stated in a written agreement or in your employment contract.
  • A van is essential for you to do your job. If you are employed to work in an office or as a real estate agent, for example, generally you do not need a van to do your job.
  • There must be an actual need for you to drive as part of your job.

You are not liable to pay tax when you use your own vehicle for private purposes. Your employer can give you a tax-free allowance or you can claim a deduction for the number of kilometres you drive for your employer.

If you meet the conditions for paying half of the normal tax on private use of a vehicle, you can adjust the registration of your van in the Register of Motor Vehicles.

  • Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles
  • Select ‘Registrering' (Registration) and ‘Skift anvendelse på vare- og lastbil' (Re- register the of use of your van or lorry)
  • Search vehicle via number plate or vehicle identification number
  • Unlock the vehicle by means of control numbers (RAK-koder or kontroltal in Danish) stated in the vehicle registration certificate
  • Select ‘Art' (Type) and ‘Anvendelse' (Use)
  • Select ‘Næste' (Next)
  • Select ‘Godkend registrering' (Approve registration).

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.