Please do not apply for your Danish personal tax number and tax card until 60 days or less before you start working.

Unfortunately, we cannot process applications submitted earlier than 60 days before your employment begins.

We can generate your personal tax number 21 days before your first working day at the earliest.

Please attach a legible copy of the following:

  • your signed employment contract
  • your passport or national ID card (both front and back of card). Your ID must be issued by a public authority and name, date of birth, gender, citizenship and place of birth must be stated on the ID card as a minimum
  • for individuals residing in Sweden: Please attach a copy of either 1) your passport or 2) your national ID card + civil registration certificate
  • your Danish residence and work permit (if you are a citizen outside the EU/EEA)
  • your marriage certificate (if you are married). Individuals residing in Sweden must attach a family certificate.

Apply for tax card

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.

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