You can have the weight of your yellow plate van reduced in order to pay less vehicle weight tax and tax on private use of a vehicle, for example. You will be charged an additional vehicle registration tax after a weight reduction.

  • The processing time for valuation is approximately 2 months.
  • Typically, vans registered for the first time on 3 June 1998 up and until 24 April 2007 are granted reduced owners tax and reduced tax on private use of a vehicle.
  • In general, vans registered before 3 June 1998 are only granted reduced vehicle weight tax.

Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles to apply for weight reduction

1. Having the weight of your vehicle reduced at a vehicle inspection business

Find ‘Synshal' (vehicle inspection centre) under ‘Nærmeste nummerpladeoperatør' (Nearest number plate provider). Enter the name of your town or postal code to find the one nearest to you.

2. Requesting a weight reduction valuation in the Register of Motor Vehicles or with a private business

  1. Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles
  2. Select ‘Registreringsafgift' (Vehicle registration tax) and then ‘Anmod om værdifastsættelse' (Request valuation)
  3. Under 'Årsag' (Cause) you select 'Nedvejning' (Weight reduction)
  4. Enter the vehicle registration number (stated on the number plate) or vehicle identification number
  5. Enter condition, mileage and any possible comments you may have.

Private businesses may settle your vehicle registration tax

Certain private businesses offer to settle your vehicle registration tax. However, this does not apply to import of new vehicles, busses, camper vans or vintage cars.

These businesses usually charge you a fee. We are unable to recommend specific businesses.

3. Paying the additional vehicle registration tax

When we have calculated the vehicle registration tax, you can see our decision in E-tax (TastSelv) under ‘Motor' (Motor vehicles) and ‘Meddelelser fra Motorregisteret' (Messages from the Register of Motor Vehicles). If you do not have access to E-tax, you will receive our decision by regular post.

Please pay the vehicle registration tax via online banking, in your bank or in one of our vehicle registration offices. Payment information will be stated in our decision.

When we have recorded your payment of vehicle registration tax, the registration of your van will be changed in the register of motor vehicles. Your vehicle weight tax and tax on use of private vehicle will be adjusted from the date you pay the additional registration tax.

If you would like a new vehicle registration certificate, you can order one in the Register of Motor Vehicles. The price of a new registration certificate is DKK 100.

Order a new vehicle registration certificate

By personal appearance

If you go to one of our vehicle registration offices, please bring:

  • Our decision
  • The original Danish registration certificate
  • The number plate (if you want to change the use of the vehicle at the same time)

Find vehicle registration office

If you want to know how much tax you will be charged before you have the weight of your vehicle reduced, you can calculate the (approximate) vehicle registration tax in the Register of Motor Vehicles or you can request a binding ruling on vehicle registration tax.


Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.