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Existing cookies from other websites may collect information about the sites you visit, also at Even if you say 'No' to cookies at, we cannot delete cookies stored by other websites. You must do this yourself.

When you log on to E-tax for businesses (TastSelvErhverv) or E-tax for individuals (TastSelvBorger), your actions on the sites will be recorded in log files. The log files store data about all activities in the individual system and provide the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (Skatteforvaltningen) with information such as:

• what IP address you are using
• what user ID you used to log on
• what pages you have visited
• what entries you made in the fields
• if you stopped at a specific stage while reporting figures in the system
• if you logged on using your NemID E-tax password (TastSelv-kode)
• if you change user rights.

The Customs and Tax Administration is legally entitled to process the data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (databeskyttelsesforordningen) and the Danish data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven). We use the data in the log files to improve usability, making it easier to use the digital solutions of the Customs and Tax Administration. Furthermore, the Customs and Tax Administration has a duty to record activities in its IT solutions to prevent and investigate abuse. The Customs and Tax Administration may also use the information as a basis for checking individuals and businesses.

The information about you will be stored for five years. Please read more in Danish about our handling of your personal data in our privacy policy.

Strictly necessary cookies

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  • Will not be deleted if you reject cookies.   

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  • Are used to gather statistical information about the visitors' use of for our external suppliers providing website statistics (Webtrends and Google Analytics). The statistics are used exclusively in summarised form to monitor, for example, the traffic at and to help us optimise the website. We do not use the statistics for tracking the behaviour of individual visitors on our site.
  • Google Site Search receives anonymised data when you use our search option.
  • Will not be deleted automatically when you leave or close your Internet browser. 
  • Will be deleted if you reject cookies.

Marketing cookies

  • Transfer statistics to the external communications agency of the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (Skatteforvaltningen) about the visitors entering the website via the Customs and Tax Administration's campaign advertisements and banner ads on other websites. The statistics are used to monitor the traffic to and to build more targeted campaigns. The statistics will only be used in summarised form and will not track the individual visitor's behavior on the Internet. 
  • Will not be deleted automatically when you leave or close your Internet browser. 
  • Will be deleted if you reject cookies.

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