You are entitled to deduct interest expenses if you have borrowed money to buy your home. Additionally, you need to pay property value tax if you have bought an owner-occupied home. You can do both by changing your preliminary income assessment.

Change your preliminary income assessment


Signing the sales agreement and receiving the title deed

Once you have received the title deed to your owner-occupied home, you are a home owner by definition. There are a lot of things to remember when you buy a home and one of them is to register your home and make declarations to the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen).


Changing your preliminary income assessment

When you buy a home it is important that you change your preliminary income assessment. You must:

  • Register your new home.
  • Enter the interest expense you incur on your home loan to benefit from the deduction you are entitled to throughout the year.
    See how you do this below under Changing your preliminary income assessment when you buy a home.

    Change your preliminary income assessment
  • If your new address is more than 12 km from your workplace, you are also entitled to a deduction for transport between home and work. You can also make this change in your preliminary income assessment. Read more about deductions for transport between home and work

Paying property value tax

Once you have registered your new home in your preliminary income assessment, you are automatically charged property value tax via your income tax. You can see the calculation of your property value tax in your tax assessment notice.


Paying land tax (property tax)

Additionally, you will have to pay land tax to your local municipality which is automatically informed of your new home. You will receive a giro transfer form from the municipality stating the exact land tax payable. You can see the land tax rates of your municipality at (Please note that the link is in Danish).


One last thing

At the bottom of your tax assessment notice you can see the current public assessment of property applying to your home. You may also look up your public assessment of property at any time. (Please note that the link is in Danish).
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your public assessment of property.

1. Log on via the blue bar above 
2. Select ‘Forskudsopgørelse' (Preliminary income assessment) in the menu
3. Select ‘Købt ejendom' (Property bought) under ‘Oftest tilføjede felter' (Frequently added fields)
4. Select ‘Købt dansk ejendom' (Danish property bought)
5. Enter the address or property number and select ‘Søg' (Search)
6. Select ‘Fortsæt' (Continue)
7. Complete the following fields:

  • Interest expenses
  • Takeover date and moving-in date if it is different from the date you took over the property
  • Percentage of property owned (for example 50% if you buy the property with your spouse)
  • Personal information if you or your spouse receive any kind of pension benefits

8. Select ‘Registrer' (Register)
9. Select ‘Beregn' (Calculate) and check your changes 
10. Select ‘Godkend' (Accept) if you agree.

We will now generate a new tax card including your interest expenses and property value tax. Your employer (or whoever pays your income) automatically receives your new tax card and it will take effect from your next salary.

You can share the property value tax by entering your respective share of the property owned in your preliminary income assessments.

Likewise, you can share interest expenses by entering your share in field 481, 483 or 485 in your preliminary income assessments.

Land tax (property tax) 

Land tax (property tax) is a tax you pay to your local municipality based on the value of the undeveloped land. Each municipality sets its individual rate and collects the tax twice a year via giro transfer forms.

Please contact your local municipal Citizen Service Centre if you have any questions concerning your land tax.

Property value tax

Property value tax is a tax property owners have to pay to the state based on your property value. The property value is the value of your real property including land and buildings.

Property value tax only applies to property owners, not to owners of cooperative apartments/houses.

You must pay property value tax from the day you move in. You pay this tax by entering your moving-in date in your preliminary income assessment.

We then include this tax in your tax card information so that it will be included in your withholding rate. If you are self-employed, we will send you a giro transfer form.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.