Here are listed some frequently asked questions for the EORI number and the corresponding answers. 





How does EORI number work if the company is registered with SE-numbers for import / export?

If a company has separate SE numbers for export and/or import, the corresponding CVR-No. is used as EORI-No. Only in cases where the company does not have a CVR-No. the SE-No will be the EORI-No.
The CVR / SE no. is still to be used in the Danish customs systems.


What happens to companies who also are registered in other EU countries?

In principle a company can have only one EORI number in EU. It is essential that each company is known under one unique number for the sake of a unique identification of the company.

Basically, a company should be assigned an EORI-No. in the country where the business is located. If the company is established in several EU countries, it will need an EORI-No. in each country where it is established. The important aspect in this example is whether the company is considered a separate legal entity / economic operator in accordance to the countries legislation.

Companies with registrations in other EU countries will be granted more EORI numbers as some EU countries assign EORI numbers to companies in order avoid problems with customs activities in the EU from 1 July 2009. If a company is assigned with more EORI-No. from EU countries, where it is not established, it is to prevent immediate problems with that company's customs activities in the EU. At a later stage action will be taken to decide what to do with such double registrations.


Do companies have to apply for an EORI number in Denmark or simply use their CVR-No. in all countries?

At 1 July 2009, all companies who need to transport goods in and out of the EU must have an EORI-No.

Companies in Denmark do not have to apply for an EORI-No. but have to be registered for import and/or export. If registered, a CVR-No. automatically will turn into the Danish EORI-No. when the prefixing a DK.

If a company is not registered for import and / or export in Denmark it must have to register via the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency on


Will it be necessary for companies to modify their systems and documents?

Companies do not have to modify systems or documents because of EORI. In Denmark, we automatically registred companies CVR/SE-Numbers in our database as the EORI-No. Companies continue to use the CVR/SE-nr in the customs system.

It is only if the company is asked to disclose its Danish EORI no. that it must disclose its CVR-No. prefixing a DK.


How do foreign companies from other EU countries get a Danish EORI No?

So far foreign companies registered for import and/or export in Denmark are automatically assigned an EORI-No. This applies to all foreign firms, including branches of foreign limited companies.

These companies do only need a Danish EORI-No. if they are established here as a separate legal person / economic operator. Otherwise, they do only need an EORI-No. in the EU country where they are established. Companies must therefore ensure that they obtain an EORI-No. in their EU country of establishment.

Foreign companies can in some cases get an EORI-No. in more EU countries, and therefore will be registered with several EORI numbers in the EU. This contradicts the principle that each independent company can only be registered with 1 EORI-No. The multiple registration is due to avoid immediate problems for corporate customs activities in the EU. The assignment of EORI-No. to the foreign companies in Denmark will continue so far. At a later stage action will be taken to decide what to do with such double registrations.


Are Norway and Switzerland in the EORI?

Norway and Switzerland are not in the EORI. It is possible that Norway and Switzerland will join later because they have joined the safety and security initiative, but for now this is unsure.

Norway and Switzerland are considered as 3rd countries regarding EORI registration.


How do foreign companies from 3rd countries get an EORI No?

So far foreign companies registered for import and / or export in Denmark, are assigned with EORI-No. This applies to all foreign companies, including branches of foreign limited companies.

If companies from 3rd countries (non-EU countries) are not registered for import or export in Denmark they are not automatically allocated a Danish EORI-No. If such companies have customs activities in the EU, they have to register in an EU country.

Danish registration is succeeded via the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, click here. The company must have a local representative.


How should businesses that currently make customs clearance for foreign companies behave after 1 July 2009?

Danish shipping companies, agents and others who have duty activities, but are not registered for import and / or export in Denmark must be registered for this, as customs activity per 1 July 2009 require the use of an EORI-No. in the EU. Registration for import and / or export succeeds trough the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and can be done via


What about clearance on the EU's external border, for example Norwegian shipper and German buyer?

If for instance, a Norwegian company sells a product to a German company ex factory in Norway, and has no activities in the EU, which in any way are covered by EU customs legislation it is not subject to the requirement of EORI registration.

If the company sells the goods DDP, Delivered Duty Paid, and declare the product at a local representative in Denmark, acting in his own name on behalf of the Norwegian company, this activity will not be covered by EU customs legislation. It is therefore not necessary for the company to register in the EU, partly because the company is not located in Europe and not engaged in activities in the EU under the EU customs legislation.

If the Norwegian company want to act in its own name (file entries, search for funding, etc.), the entity must be registered in an EU country and be given an EORI number, whether the company is established in the EU or not. Registration must be done in the first country where the customs activity occurs.

If the company wants to establish itself in the EU it will also need to register in an EU country.

In the future it is expected that more tariff concessions (for example, credits etc.) will be linked to the EORI number, therefore it may be appropriate for "non" companies to register in the EU and / or establish themselves in Europe.


What about clearance for individuals and companies who are not registered importer?

There are no changes as result of the introduction of EORI.

 However, we must have all data electronically from 1 July 2009.


Internet Publications flag Yes / No - what does this mean?

In the EORI system companies must positively indicate whether they want the name and address indicated on the EU website. If you answer no to the question, a search on your EORI number will only return a yes or a no that your company exists. If you answer yes a search will show the name and address in response to the query.


What is the link between AEO and EORI?

EORI-No. is per 1 July 2009 a requirement to be able to import / export goods in and out of the EU. All companies must have an EORI-No. if they want to have customs activities in the EU.

AEO is an authorization for reliable companies. Companies can apply for AEO status once certain safety and security conditions are met. AEO status enables the company to use the customs simplifications provided by the customs legislation and the incentives that are related to customs controls.

The company can have an EORI-No. lacking the AEO status, but all companies with AEO status must be registered with a EORI-No. in Denmark. An EORI-No. is automatically assigned in connection with the company's registration for import and/or export.

Read more about the AEO at AEO's website.


What about TIR / accompanying documents and EORI

TIR carnets must from 1 July 2009 have the EORI-No. in box 4 and accompanying documents must have EORI number in box 50.

Companies must therefore apply for registration for import and / or export in order not to have problems at the border. Registration must be made through the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. Danish companies must register via Foreign companies must register clicking here.

Read more about TIR and EORI here: Note on TIR and security amendment and EORI.doc 


Will the use of CVR number as EORI-No. cause any problems with VAT Refund?

EORI number is an identification number associated with CVR/SE number and allocated in Denmark on the basis of registration for import and/or export.In principle the EORI number acts as a "duty" related to the CVR number in the same manner as import, export, and VAT are “duties" associated with the CVR number. Import and/or export registration in Denmark leads automatically to "EORI-duty" why the identification number (CVR-nr.) automatically also becomes a EORI-No. by prefixing the CVR number with DK.