If you bring a vehicle to Denmark and you take up residence in Denmark, the vehicle must be registered to Danish number plates within 14 days of arrival, and you must pay registration tax.

If you are resident in Denmark, you must not use a vehicle which is registered in a foreign country.

Contact SKAT if you have any doubt as to whether you are resident in Denmark. You can do so by filling in form no. 21.059. The form is also available in English (21.059E). The forms can also be used to apply for permission to travel in Denmark with foreign numberplates. You can find the forms at www.skat.dk under Borger - Blanketter.

If you own a vehicle which has been registered in another EU country, you may bring the vehicle to Denmark without paying VAT if it has done more than 6,000 kilometres and is more than six months old. Customs duty and VAT are normally charged on vehicles imported from non-EU countries.