Swiss investment funds etc. claim to relief from Danish dividend tax

Fritagelse for dansk udbytteskat

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Fritagelse for dansk udbytteskat
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06.002A EN
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The form applies to Swiss investment funds and separate properties claiming a refund of Danish anticipatory tax withheld on dividends derived from sources within Denmark.

The form should be send to the Federal Tax Administration, SR-A, Eigerstrasse 65, 3003 Bern, which will arrange for the necessary certification. When the supplementary statement is certified, the applicant, when using our online claim form 06.030 EN, should submit it together with other required documentation. 

Blanketten anvendes af schweiziske investeringsforeninger og separate properties til ansøgning om tilbagebetaling af dansk udbytteskat i henhold til DBO.

Blanketten sendes til: The Federal Tax Administration, SR-A, Eigerstrasse 65, 3003 Bern, som vil foretage den fornødne attestation. Når blanketten er attesteret, skal ansøger, ved anvendelse af den digitale blanket 06.030 EN, vedlægge blanketten sammen med anden dokumentation.

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