Deduction for transport between home and work

If you have more than 24 km to and from work (that is more than 12 km each way), you are entitled to a deduction for transport between home and work no matter what means of transport you use. However, if your employer pays for your transport, you are not entitled to the deduction.

All kinds of paid work, including student jobs and salary subsidy jobs, give you the right to the deduction.

Please note that the state education grant (SU) is not considered salary and therefore does not entitled you to the deduction when you travel between your home and place of study. Nor do unpaid internships entitle you to the deduction.

Change your tax assessment notice, box 51

Change your preliminary income assessment, field 417

For further legal information, please see SKAT's legal guide. Note that the guide is only available in Danish.

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