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Guide to E-tax (TastSelv)

When you log on to E-tax, you can manage your tax affairs when it is convenient for you.

  • Using E-tax, you can view and change your preliminary income assessment, tax assessment notice and pay your outstanding tax.
  • Everyone who is taxable in Denmark can use E-tax - also from abroad.
  • You log on to E-tax using your NemID or E-tax password. SKAT recommends that you log on using your NemID.
  • You can receive a text message or e-mail notification, when your tax assessment notice or preliminary income assessment is ready.

Remember to log off

Log off and close all browser windows when you have finished using E-tax. Otherwise other persons using the computer may be able to access your information.

Here is what you should do:
1. Click "Log af" (Log off) in
the left-hand side of the top
bar in E-tax.

2. Close all your browser
windows and tabs.
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