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About us

About us

SKAT was formed on the 1 November 2005 following the merger of the municipal tax administrations and the state tax administration, ToldSkat. SKAT constitutes one overall authority. It is a single administration with a head office and 30 tax centres and other units across the country. Number of staff approximately 9,500.

We ensure a just and efficient financing of the future public sector.

SKAT's tasks
SKAT handles the administration of all tasks relating to:

  • taxes
  • duties
  • customs
  • collection
  • assessment of real estate and cars
  • gaming.

Basic conditions for the tax administration
The computerisation of the tax administration and many households makes the dialogue between the authorities and the citizens more and more effective.
The existence of a central population register system (CPR) and a central register for companies (SE) is very important to a simple and reliable identification of taxpayers.